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Technology Commercialization Initiative

The Technology Commercialization Initiative (TCI) provides funding for projects that address key engineering design challenges, show a high degree of innovation and, most importantly, identify a clear path to commercialization with the potential to significantly impact technology-related companies across the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Proposals are solicited from start-up companies, established companies, and university researchers/groups in Pennsylvania for technology commercialization projects that advance the state of the industry in advanced electronics and robotic technologies, primarily through the design and early prototyping of product concepts for these markets. Collaborative projects between these groups are strongly encouraged.

The TCI aims to establish and grow a leading industry presence in Pennsylvania focused initially on target market segments growing around digital multimedia, digital networking, and robotic applications. Key to the success of this effort will be the Commonwealth’s ability to drive rapid and continuing progress in technology development and commercialization. The TCI represents an endeavor by IW, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the members of its Technology Commercialization Advisory Board (TCAB), regional universities, and the Commonwealth to identify technology challenges within these target market segments and to create precursor design and embedded-system solutions that reach beyond the current generation of available products and services.

TCI's newest solicitation, RFP22, is now closed. Visit our RFP Information page to learn more or contact Chuck Brandt at Innovation Works (412-894-9507;

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