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Accelerating Growth

IW's programs accelerate growth in Southwestern PA by infusing business expertise and funding into early-stage technology companies and those pursuing the next competitive edge. As one of the most active seed-stage investors in the U.S., our knowledge of the needs of startups—from risk capital to business expertise—enables us to guide hundreds of entrepreneurs every year on the right path to commercialization.

We also help researchers commercialize ideas that could change the world and small manufacturers as they look to open new markets by adapting new technologies into their products and processes.

IW Seed Fund—IW makes direct investments in SW PA’s promising, early-stage technology companies that are focused on high-opportunity markets.

Business Assistance—Our team of seasoned industry and business professionals are former CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors who have worked with literally thousands of seed-stage companies to identify their most pressing business needs, position them for growth and maximize their prospects for commercial success.

AlphaLab—An intensive, 20-week program for launching the next generation of software, entertainment technology and Internet-related companies. AlphaLab provides funding, free office space, and expertise to help companies rapidly develop their technology, gain early user feedback, develop go-to-market strategies, and move toward commercialization.

Energy Programs—Southwestern PA is uniquely positioned to take a leading role in the development, storage and transmission of clean energy technologies. With IW's expertise in technology commercialization, IW helps the region play a leading role in energy technology development and commercialization.

Innovation Adoption Program—IW provides small manufacturers with funds and connections to the region’s Centers of Excellence to help develop new products, processes and gain a competitive advantage.

University Grants—IW works in partnership with world-renowned universities in the Pittsburgh region to identify and cultivate research ideas that have viable markets, and provide grants to help speed commercialization.

Internship Program—Through our ongoing relationships with area universities, IW identifies high-caliber MBA and undergraduate students who show high potential in business, engineering and other in-demand fields, for placement as interns in regional technology start-ups and innovative manufacturing companies.

i6 Agile Innovation System—In partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation Works has developed an “Agile Innovation System” to accelerate the commercialization of technologies being developed within the region’s universities and small businesses. Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Association, this program is designed to be duplicated throughout the nation after its two year run in Pittsburgh.

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