Innovation Works

Caffeinated Innovation is a podcast series of short interviews with Innovation Works’ partner companies, including startups we have funded and manufacturers with whom we have worked. These startups along with folks from the IW staff provide advice, discuss best practices, and share (often hilarious) stories about running and working with startups. Season 1 was released Friday, August 24, 2018, and ran for eight weeks with an episode released every Friday morning through October 12. Happy listening!

Season 2 is coming in late 2019.

Ep. 10 (Bonus, bonus): Live recorded interview with Clara Sieg, Partner at Revolution Ventures

Ep. 9 (Bonus): Happy Holidays from Pam & Jenn

Ep. 8: Patrick Paul and Steven Welles of IKOS and Dave Lishego, IW’s Senior Investment Associate.

Ep. 7: Priya Amin of Flexable and Aaron Tainter, AlphaLab Program Manager.

Ep. 6: Brad Kriel of Velocity Robotics and Leah Simoncelli, AlphaLab Gear Coordinator.

Ep. 5: Kevin Kelly of Rhabit and Desmond O’Connor, former IW Executive in Residence.

Ep. 4: Tamiah Bridgett of Diversamé and Ashley Lopez, IW’s Associate EIR.

Ep. 3: Dick Zhang of Identified Technologies and Ilana Diamond, IW’s Managing Director of Hardware and AlphaLab Gear.

Ep. 2: Jill Grunst and Jan Lehigh of Alpine Packaging and Afshan Khan, IW Executive in Residence.

Ep. 1: Ellen Saksen, Co-founder of Go Jane Go and Jeff McDaniel, IW Executive in Residence.


Our podcast is co-hosted by Jenn Van Dam and Pam Eichenbaum, members of the Communications and Business Development teams respectively, both with an eye and admiration for multimedia and love for the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. One cool fact about Jenn and Pam – both are natives of New Jersey but have chosen to make Pittsburgh home. We hope you listen during your morning commute or when you arrive at the office, all while enjoying your favorite type of caffeine. After all, the show is called Caffeinated Innovation!