Innovation Works

AlphaLab & AlphaLab Gear Demo Day

Join us at Stage AE on October 16th at 5:00 pm for an exciting evening of company launches from Innovation Works’ nationally ranked hardware and software accelerators, AlphaLab Gear and AlphaLab. The companies are innovating in sectors such as IoT, Voice based tech, AI, Advanced Materials, Saas, and Robotics. Along with the company pitches, we’ll be celebrating the 5, 10, and 20 year anniversaries of AlphaLab Gear, AlphaLab, and Innovation Works working with the tech startup community.

Come see the next group of innovative startups (and some special alumni appearances)!

InnovationWorksOct2018WebVer from AlphaLab on Vimeo.

Presenting Companies

Arieca is a materials technology company solving heat management issues for the electronics, aerospace and automotive industries with its thermally conductive rubber (Thubber), which has the mechanical properties of a soft silicone and heat conducting properties approaching stainless steel.

Contact: Carmel Majidi


Caregogi disrupts the traditional senior care industry by connecting care seekers with quality care providers online at half the cost.

Mary Jo Dietrich, RN


C.C. Busy is using the power of voice through digital assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, to help childcare providers meet the requirements of increasing state regulations.

Contact: Greg Quinlan

C.C. Busy

ConvMind creates the latest conversational AI technologies to give businesses the power to have AI sales agents that can increase sales by engaging with every potential client with personalized and effective interactions.

Contact: Tony Zhao


Everhire is reimagining the way small and medium-sized tech companies hire top talent by putting the power of a national recruiter network behind them.

Contact: Yannick Cohen


EXGwear creates AI-enabled wearable devices that allow users to interact with and control smart home appliances, robotic devices, and AR/VR displays completely touch-free through eye movements and facial gestures.

Contact: Prakash Thakur


Farm Jenny allows the 1.8M small farms in the U.S. to monitor farm animals 24/7 and identify problems early with wearables for animals, IoT farm sensors, and machine learning subscription alerts, helping farmers save animals and improve productivity.

Contact: Tammy Crouthamel

Farm Jenny

Hustle is a mobile sports training platform that helps coaches and athletes reach their performance goals through video-based practice plans from elite trainers and players.

Contact: Matt Michaux

Hustle Fitness

KYKS (keeping your kids safe) is providing safety and accountability during school dismissal by providing the technology to properly and efficiently account for children as they enter and exit their bus.

Contact: Tabatha Barron


Lumis provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution for the $1.3B healthcare simulation market through its automated and AR-enabled medical training platform.

Contact: Doug Nelson


Spand-Ice designs back pain relief, support and recovery wraps for pregnant and postpartum women, a $9.7B global market opportunity.

Contact: Helen Behn


Velocity Robotics addresses the $1 trillion dollar construction industry with connected robotic power tools and accessories to improve speed, quality, and cost in construction.

Contact: Brad Kriel

Velocity Robotics

WJSN is transforming the way women look for work and increasing employer diversity success through our first-to-market insights and gender-specific resources.

Contact: Tracy Saunders


Zoobean addresses the $5B brain fitness market with a web application, mobile app, and “Fitbit for reading” smart night light that motivates families to read.

Contact: Felix Brandon Lloyd


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