Advanced Materials

ATRP Solutions, Inc.


ATRP Solutions, Inc. is an innovative materials science company that produces specialty polymers for tomorrow’s commercial products. Atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) technology is a rapidly emerging platform technology for preparation of next generation plastics. As the world leader in atom transfer radical polymerization technology our mission is to enable businesses in personal care & cosmetics, detergents & surfactants, paints, pigments & coatings and biocompatible materials to capitalize  on this technology by providing the highest quality ATRP-based polymers.



BIOSAFE’s technology provides products with microbiological protection.  Through a patented and EPA registered antimicrobial technology, products that include BIOSAFE are permanently protected bacteria, mold and mildew, algae, and even certain viruses.  BIOSAFE works in close partnership with personnel from design and development and end-user marketing to insure simple integration and communication of strong product advantage.

Carbon Freight


Carbon Freight develops innovative solutions for the air cargo market, including lightweight air cargo pallets and ULD handling equipment for major US airlines. Carbon Freight’s customers move more with less.

Crystalplex Corporation


Crystalplex manufactures high-performance solid state lights and provides cutting-edge semiconductor nanocrystal technology to solid state lighting and display manufacturers.

Interphase Materials


Interphase Materials is a chemical additives and advanced materials company that provides solutions to improve efficiency of heat transfer in cooling systems. A spinout of the University of Pittsburgh Bioengineering department, their customers include some of the largest power plants and water treatment facilities in the world, as well as the US Navy.

LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield is a materials and process development company, specializing in metallic coatings.  The company has created technology, which will revolutionize the prevention of corrosion in metal products.  LumiShield's proprietary aluminum electroplating process will replace expensive, environmentally harmful processes using metals like chromium and cadmium in markets from aerospace to consumer goods.

nanoGriptech Inc.


nanoGriptech Inc. has developed a nature-inspired microfiber based adhesive that functions in the same way a gecko’s feet stick to surfaces. As a dry, durable, residue-free and customisable adhesive, nanoGriptech’s product provides a superior alternative to reusable adhesives currently being used in a large variety of industries such as clothing, sports, automotive, product design, and medical devices. The Company has successfully engaged in partnerships with several multinational corporations across these industries and just started its first small volume sale in high friction/grip clothing material market.

One Solar Energy, LLC


One Solar Energy has developed a proprietary process for producing solar grade silicon (SGS) meeting the industry’s requisite standards and will supply the SGS to the photovoltaic industry for use in making silicon-based solar cells.

PittMoss LLC


PittMoss Development Company, LLC makes and sells PittMoss®, a peat moss alternative that is made from recycled paper that would otherwise end up in a landfill and a proprietary blend of organic additives.  PittMoss® is designed to replace the 1.1 Million Tons of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss imported each year and utilized by U.S. greenhouses, nurseries and the home gardener.

Rapid TPC


Rapid TPC manufactures and delivers high quality thermoplastic composite parts to a wide range of industries and markets, from construction and transportation to athletics and baby products.  The lightweight performance materials used by rapid TPC are capable of displacing heavy materials like aluminum or steel at a lower price point than traditional composites.  Using proprietary turnkey automation equipment, Rapid TPC significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing composite parts at high volumes as compared to other existing methods today.


Rorus Inc. is making inexpensive point-of-use filters that purify water using new nanotechnology. Our first product, the Filter Pack, is a water filtering backpack that’s cheaper and more efficient to deploy for disasters and developing countries. It's simplest and fastest filter available, and it provides a year's worth of water for a family of 6 people.

Summit Materials LLC


Summit Materials offers advanced materials and near-net shape manufacturing processes that save companies time and money in demanding industries such as aerospace, medical devices and oil exploration.  Our patented SM-100™ alloy is used where corrosion and wear resistance are needed simultaneously.  Efficient use of raw materials ensures minimal waste and environmental impact.

Westmoreland Advanced Materials


Westmoreland Advanced Materials develops and markets unique refractory materials for niche applications where advanced materials solutions have a high degree of impact on the customers’ process. Westmoreland Advanced Materials has successfully introduced several new energy efficient, recyclable and very low maintenance refractory products to the aluminum market.

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