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AbiliLife is developing  a smart brace specifically designed for Parkinson's patients with balance and postural instability.  The brace will detect symptoms that lead to falls while providing comfort and support. AbiliLife is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Parkinson's patients.


Accel Diagnostics


AccelDx is a medical device company developing pScreen™, a disruptive blood testing platform for the diagnosis and management of medical conditions in the Home/Point-of-Care setting. AccelDx’s solution enables physicians/patients to manage diseases in a timely and effective manner, thereby reducing cost and hospitalizations. AccelDx is currently focusing on pScreen-BNP™ for the in home daily monitoring of heart condition to prevent heart failure (HF) related re-hospitalizations: an untapped market opportunity of $1.9B.

Accipiter Systems, Inc.


Accipiter Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative data networking solutions.  We offer data networking products that deliver higher value to the customer through the use of disruptive technologies.  Accipiter Systems is providing differentiating data networking expertise to government agencies, DoD contractors and commercial companies.

ActivAided Orthotics (acquired by Elizur)


ActivAided Orthotics has developed a line of Postural Training Apparel to eliminate back pain by training self-corrective habits.  By using the body's own natural abilities, this wearable device addresses the root cause of back pain by teaching patients how to correct the harmful behaviors in their everyday activities.  ActivAided's first product RecoveryAid was found to decrease back pain in 90% of users, helping them return to their desired active lifestyles




AdViz helps local media companies provide attribution metrics to their advertisers to effectively show the impact of their media. By integrating campaign data for television, radio, print, and digital buys, and connecting that with real time business metrics, AdViz provides the first complete tool to measure impact and effectiveness.


Aethon, Inc. (acquired by ST Engineering)


Aethon is the leader in the business of low-cost, pilot-less hauling of materials indoors. We substitute a pilot-less Tug® for a person.  Our competitive advantage is our patented indoor positioning system, with a manufacturing cost a fraction of our competitors, which navigates with ±3" accuracy and allows us to automate indoor transport at one-fourth the cost of a person pushing a cart.

Agentase LLC (an ICx Company acquired by FLIR Systems)


Agentase, LLC (an ICx company) is a technology company founded in December 1998 by Dr. Keith LeJeune and Dr. Alan Russell, two of the nation's leading experts on enzyme-polymer hybrid materials. The company possesses proprietary and patented technology in the synthesis and potential applications of enzyme containing polymers.  ICx Technologies agrees to be acquired by FLIR Systems 8/16/10

Alertek, LLC


Alertek has developed proprietary sensors and algorithms to monitor the conditions of the world's infrastructures.  The technology utilizes sensors and electronics that detect signals related to structure weakening.  Specific applications include monitoring mine roofs, highway bridges and tunnels.

Allpoint Systems (Acquired by Autodesk)


Allpoint Systems is a software company specializing in 3D data processing and analysis. We offer solutions to address a growing need for 3D-derived information. Our current products provide analysis of waste water pipelines for inspection service companies; track clearances of bridges and overpasses for Departments of Transportation (DOTs); assess the condition of infrastructure at manufacturing plants; and enable rapid modeling of buildings for building information management (BIM).  Allpoint acquired by Autodesk 1/31/13 (Pittsburgh Business Times).

ALung Technologies, Inc.


ALung has developed the Hemolung™, an extracorporeal artificial lung that will replace or supplement the ventilator in the ICU for acute respiratory failure.  The Hemolung will provide 50% of a patient’s respiratory need, allowing the lungs to heal, eliminating the need for intubation, sedation and mechanical ventilation.  The Hemolung™ will reduce the incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia and hospital length of stay, resulting in a reduced cost of care for these patients.  The Company has completed animal and human trials and expects initiate commercialization in Europe in Q1 2013.

Angler Labs

ANGLR is a proprietary fishing platform, enabled by connected sensors that seamlessly record key fishing events to provide anglers with information that drives smarter decisions on the water.

Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.


Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. (ALLED®) specializes in developing and manufacturing high-powered, ultra energy-efficient, light emitting diode (LED) lighting fixtures.   Their products include: next generation streetlights; warehouse lighting, sign illumination; parking lot, parking and garage lighting; tunnel lighting; indoor office lighting; and other specialty lighting systems.

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