Consumer Products

Aurochs Brewing Company


Aurochs Brewing Company provides great tasting, craft beers that are naturally gluten-free. Every one of our beers is crafted with the spirit of the Aurochs, a legendary beast that roamed the wild countryside thousands of years ago. Our use of ancient, untamed grains imparts complex flavors shaped by generations of growth in the wilderness.  Much like the Aurochs, our beers are never domesticated, always free.

Bansen Labs


Bansen Labs has created Xogo - a universal adapter that unlocks the world of technology for people with disabilities and provides opportunities for social, vocational, and recreational participation. It allows people with disabilities to use controls that work for them – like switches, joysticks, and more – to connect to the technologies everyone uses - like cable boxes, game consoles, and smart home devices.

Diamond Kinetics


Diamond Kinetics provides real-time quantitative data, biomechanics feedback and training guidance for sports performance improvement using wireless inertial sensors and software applications.  Building on academically validated scientific research at the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, Diamond Kinetics is bringing a dynamic sensor driven technology platform to the mass market in baseball and softball.

Digital Dream Labs, LLC


Digital Dream Labs, LLC has developed dreamWare, a platform that bridges the gap between nostalgic, hands-on learning and engaging, digital technology.  Using dreamWare, children solve simple sequence puzzles in real life that are transmitted wirelessly to a tablet or other electronic device for continued interaction.  Children have fun playing our games while learning topics such as logic, sequencing, math and chemistry.

ForeFront Product Design, LLC


ForeFront Product Design, LLC developed Smart Pressure Technology™ which provides a technology breakthrough for products that use the power of compressed air in low pressure, portable applications. The initial product line, the Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems™,  is a commercial line of compressed air sprayers and was developed by a world class power management engineering team.  The Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems™ allows industry professionals to gain 25% labor efficiency and 15% material savings while spraying for pests, weeds, chemical spills and many other applications.

FutureDerm, Inc.


FutureDerm approaches beauty from a scientific perspective and utilizes technology to provide unique, innovative, and effective products, analyses, and user interfaces.

ModCloth, Inc. (acquired by


From independent designer fashion to cute apartment wares, is a mecca for discriminating female shoppers.  A well-known Indie fashion retailer with a loyal customer base, ModCloth is a trusted brand among college-aged women.  ModCloth's next-generation web experience will change the way customers look at fashion online and bring a much-needed sense of community to e-retail.

PieceMaker Technologies


PieceMaker Technologies is a Pittsburgh, PA based company which empowers retail stores to create customized inventory, on-demand. CNBC named their customizable products “Top trending of 2014”. The Factory in a Store is a proprietary system which lets consumers design their own products using a simple and engaging touchscreen kiosk, and then watch them made right in the store with custom manufacturing technology.

PittMoss LLC


PittMoss Development Company, LLC makes and sells PittMoss®, a peat moss alternative that is made from recycled paper that would otherwise end up in a landfill and a proprietary blend of organic additives.  PittMoss® is designed to replace the 1.1 Million Tons of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss imported each year and utilized by U.S. greenhouses, nurseries and the home gardener.

Rinovum Women's Health, Inc.


Rinovum is an early-stage medical device company focused on reproductive health to aid in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the patient's home.

Romeo Delivers


Romeo Delivers Inc. designs, manufactures and sells products through e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailers and partner websites.

SolePower, LLC


SolePower creates self-charging wearables that capture wasted energy from human motion. Electronics can be powered solely by footsteps—creating “unplugged” technology that doesn’t need to be charged. 

SolePower smart work boots (“SmartBoots”) collect motion and location data, providing industrial workforces with actionable insights to increase efficiency and reduce accidents. Embedded in the boot is a patented kinetic charger that generates power with every step. The system gathers and provides insights and data to improve worker safety by visualizing location and motion of workers on hazardous sites.

The Zebra


The Zebra is a revolutionary platform that provides simple, real-time comparison of more than 1,800 car insurance products from over 200 companies nationwide, giving drivers instant access to the massive car insurance market, and saving drivers hundreds of dollars per year. 

Thorley Industries LLC / 4moms


Thorley Industries has introduced robotics technology to the juvenile industry with it's innovative 4moms products designed to meet parents' real needs.  Products include: The mamaRoo® infant seat designed to move the way parents do; The origami® stroller, the world's first power-folding stroller; The breeze™ playard that opens or closes in one easy step, and The cleanwater collection™ infant tub and faucet cover with built-in digital thermometers. 

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Thread transforms plastic waste from the developing world into socially and environmentally responsible fabrics. Our customer brands instantly improve their social impact, carbon footprint and increase the value of their goods to today's mindful customer without altering their current manufacturing processes. Customers have an opportunity meet the community of nearly 1,300 people who make their product possible from Ground to Good™ and learn how their lives have improved through an interactive Powered By Thread web platform.

Thread is responsible for the removal of over 6 million bottles from streets and canals of the developing world each month.

Trusst Lingerie


Trusst Lingerie is an innovative, fashion and tech company that has developed a patent-pending system of support catered towards larger busted women. The company is women-owned and founded, and has a range of experience in industrial design, engineering, material science and fashion. Trusst has developed its first line of products for the DD+ market, and plans to expand in both size and product category as it grows.

Innovation Works values diversity in its programs and encourages women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to submit applications or business plans for consideration.

Innovation Works is the Ben Franklin Technology Partner of Southwestern PA and is supported by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

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