ActivAided Orthotics (acquired by Elizur)


ActivAided Orthotics has developed a line of Postural Training Apparel to eliminate back pain by training self-corrective habits.  By using the body's own natural abilities, this wearable device addresses the root cause of back pain by teaching patients how to correct the harmful behaviors in their everyday activities.  ActivAided's first product RecoveryAid was found to decrease back pain in 90% of users, helping them return to their desired active lifestyles


Agentase LLC (an ICx Company acquired by FLIR Systems)


Agentase, LLC (an ICx company) is a technology company founded in December 1998 by Dr. Keith LeJeune and Dr. Alan Russell, two of the nation's leading experts on enzyme-polymer hybrid materials. The company possesses proprietary and patented technology in the synthesis and potential applications of enzyme containing polymers.  ICx Technologies agrees to be acquired by FLIR Systems 8/16/10


Allpoint Systems (Acquired by Autodesk)


Allpoint Systems is a software company specializing in 3D data processing and analysis. We offer solutions to address a growing need for 3D-derived information. Our current products provide analysis of waste water pipelines for inspection service companies; track clearances of bridges and overpasses for Departments of Transportation (DOTs); assess the condition of infrastructure at manufacturing plants; and enable rapid modeling of buildings for building information management (BIM).  Allpoint acquired by Autodesk 1/31/13 (Pittsburgh Business Times).


BitArmor Systems, Inc. (Acquired by Trustwave)


BitArmor is the maker of DataControl™, powerful new software that provides a faster, easier, more cost-effective way to protect and manage sensitive data throughout any organization. Unlike traditional solutions that only deal with information at specific points in the system, BitArmor DataControl software attaches a Smart Tag™ directly to the data itself — a tag that travels with the data and allows you to secure, track, and control it regardless of where it is stored or sent. BitArmor helps companies protect valuable data assets, achieve regulatory compliance, and manage data throughout its functional lifecycle. BitArmor acquired by Trustwave 1/12/10


Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Smith & Nephew)


Blue Belt Technologies, Inc., a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off company, was formed in 2003 to commercialize novel device solutions for medical interventions.  Blue Belt draws from the extensive experience of its research team to develop devices in computer-assisted surgery and diagnosis.  The company has developed Precision Freehand Sculpting™ (PFS), a solution that reintroduces robotics into the operating room to enable safer, faster, and more accurate treatment of osteoarthritis and other bone related conditions.  PFS will address the challenges of Minimally Invasive Surgery, with the goal of improving patient outcomes and lowering healthcare costs.
Blue Belt Technologies acquired by Smith & Nephew 10/29/15 (Smith & Nephew press release)


BPL Global, Ltd. (Acquired by Qualitrol for Transformer Technology)


BPL Global is a leading international provider of broadband over power line technologies, system integration solutions, and services facilitating power line communications (PLC). Partnering with leading utilities and ISPs around the world, the company’s goal is to provide ubiquitous “broadband” access to consumers and “smart grid” applications to utilities. The company offers its joint venture partners proven PLC business models and integrated, multi-vendor solutions comprised of best-of-breed infrastructure, content, applications, software and hardware. As a result, utilities can confidently deploy new revenue-generating, content-rich broadband over power line services in a cost-effective way and enjoy improved electric service reliability and operating cost reductions through the use of smart grid applications at the same time.

On August 23, 2013 BPL Global was acquired by Qualitrol for Transformer Technology.


Carnegie Speech Company, Inc.


Carnegie Speech Company is the premier developer and provider of software for assessing and teaching spoken-language skills. Using speech recognition and artificial technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Speech software enables personalized, cost-effective and scalable spoken-language assessment and training. With years of linguistic research, world-class technology and language tutoring expertise, Carnegie Speech provides spoken-language training software to a worldwide clientele in the Corporate Training/BPO, Government, Aviation, Education and Health Care sectors.


ClearCount Medical Solutions, Inc. (Acquired by a publicly-traded medical device company)


ClearCount Medical Solutions is a medical device company focused on patient safety solutions. ClearCount has assembled an extendable RFID-based platform that provides a comprehensive solution to improve efficiency while preventing medical errors.  ClearCount’s SmartSponge®, SmartWand-DTX, and SmartSponge Flex systems are the only RFID-enabled systems for counting and detecting surgical sponges, thereby improving patient and Operating Room safety, enhancing productivity, and reducing cost.  ClearCount has also advanced its proprietary RFID platform to include a unique on-metal RFID tag for surgical instrumentation tracking.


Concurrent Electronic Design Automation, LLC


Concurrent EDA is an emerging leader in the generation of electronic design automation and analysis tools for high-performance embedded systems. Systems that utilize a combination of hardware and software require advanced design automation tools to handle increasingly complex designs and shorter development windows. Concurrent EDA's tools rapidly identify the bottlenecks in software applications and provide methods to maximize system performance. Concurrent EDA has domain expertise in hardware/software systems for DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs. In addition to producing world-class design tools, Concurrent EDA also provides consulting and design services.


Diamyd, Inc. (formerly Nurel Therapeutics)


Diamyd, Inc. was formed through the acquisition of Nurel Therapeutics in December 2005 and is the wholly-owned US subsidiary of Diamyd Medical AB, a publicly traded company based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Diamyd Medical's lead product, Diamyd®, is a novel protein therapy for the prevention of the onset of diabetes and is currently in two Phase 2 clinical trials in Sweden.  At its Pittsburgh location, Diamyd is developing novel products for the treatment of diabetes and its complications including chronic pain and diabetic neuropathy.   Diamyd's proprietary nerve targeting delivery system was developed at the University of Pittsburgh and has numerous additional applications including potential therapies for the treatment of cancer and central nervous systems disorders.


FreshTemp (Acquired by Digi International)


FreshTemp is commercializing wireless technology developed at the MIT Media Lab.  First products include cloud based temperature monitoring systems for restaurants, transportation companies and healthcare.  FreshTemp aims to prevent product loss and reduce spoilage. 


ImpactGames LLC (Acquired by Hybrid Learning Systems)


ImpactGames is best known for PeaceMaker (www.peacemakergame.com), the award-winning simulation game of the Middle East conflict.  PeaceMaker was sold in over 60 countries around the world, and received critical acclaim from media like The New York Times, CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC and Time Magazine.  ImpactGames is working now on expanding its products and business to encompass a model of online participation in current events. The community-driven experience is titled "Play the News".  ImpactGames was acquired by Hybrid Learning Systems 8/2/10.


Knopp Biosciences LLC


KNOPP BIOSCIENCES is a drug discovery and development company focused on delivering breakthrough treatments in neurological disorders through innovation, experience and partnership.  Knopp’s lead compound, KNS-760704 (dexpramipexole), is currently in late-stage clinical development for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, with additional indications under investigation.


Landslide Technologies, Inc. (Acquired by j2 Global)


Landslide Sales P3 is a sales production system that helps BtoB companies increase sales volume. It provides salespeople step by step best-practice process for closing deals, sales performance tools and personal assistants to offload data entry.

j2 Global Acquires Cloud-Based CRM Provider Landslide Technologies, Inc.


Mobile Technologies, Inc. (acquiredy by Facebook)


Jibbigo was built on two decades of the most advanced scientific research in speech and language processing at Mobile Technologies and now brings this state-of-the art speech translation technology to your mobile device or tablet. Mobile Technologies and Jibbigo maintain a strong research collaboration with InterACT, the International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

Facebook Acquires “Mobile Technologies”, Developer Of Speech Translation App Jibbigo


mSpoke, Inc. (Acquired by LinkedIn)


mSpoke's revolutionary Adaptive Personalization Engine intelligently filters huge amounts of information to combat information overload. FeedHub, mSpoke's newest personalization product, creates individualized RSS feeds that automatically select the most relevant posts from a set of feed sources that you choose. By using your preferences and dynamically adapting to your reading habits, FeedHub gives you the content you care about in individualized feeds so you can stay informed without being overwhelmed.

mSpoke acquired by LinkedIn 8/4/2010

PeriOptimum, Inc. (acquired by Steris Corp. 2010)


PeriOptimum provides a broad range of products and services that help hospitals improve surgical throughput.  PeriOptimum's comprehensive solutions meet the perioperative improvement challenge with the depth and breadth to finally effect significant change with enduring results. By creating predictable and streamlined perioperative environments, throughput is increased, physician, staff and patient satisfaction are significantly improved, and tremendous bottom line gains can be achieved.  PeriOptimum customizes its implementation and project management approach based upon your unique processes and needs. Our PathFinder workflow management solution, and proven Surgical Capacity Improvement Program repeatedly helps our clients achieve unparalleled results.


Plextronics, Inc. (acquired by Solvay)


Plextronics, Inc. is an international technology company that specializes in conductive polymers and ink formulations that enable advanced printed electronic devices.  The company develops conductive polymer platforms and customized ink systems to significantly improve the performance and cost of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) for next generation displays and lighting applications, lithium ion batteries, polymer metal capacitors, and emerging organic electronic devices. Solvay acquires Plextronics.


Sim Ops Studios, Inc. (acquired by Autodesk)


Sim Ops Studios, the creator of Wild Pockets, is a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University. Sim Ops Studios created the Wild Pockets platform to simplify the creation and delivery of 3-D content through the Web browser. Game developers and designers can sign up on the Wild Pockets website and instantly begin developing interactive 3D content, such as games, simulations and interactive ads. Content developed in Wild Pockets can be embedded and distributed instantly on any website anywhere online, similar to a YouTube video. A built-in micro-transaction system and marketplace enables developers to monetize the content they have developed.
Autodesk buys Wild Pockets game design platform 12/20/10


SMASH - (acquired by MindMatrix)


SMaSh delivers the next generation of interactivity and information delivery between businesses and mobile consumers. With text messaging at critical mass among mainstream cell phone users, SMaSh recognizes the significant opportunity to build immediate data interactions between mobile buyers and product/service providers when the consumers’ interest is initiated or peaks. And with SMaSh, those text-based interactions are fully automated, customizable, personalized, transactional, and stored.  MindMatrix acquires SMaSh Code to add SMS capability to strategic marketing arsenal -page 16.


Thar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (acquired by GrĂ¼nenthal)


Thar Pharmaceuticals reinvents known, safe, on-the-market drugs by improving their clinical performance and economic benefits. We focus on transforming intravenous (IV) drugs into orally administered drugs, thus eliminating the cost of IV drug administration, a $34 billion annual worldwide healthcare cost paid by health systems, patients and insurers.


threeRivers 3D, Inc.


threeRivers 3D designs, builds and manufactures 3D imaging systems that enable users to quickly generate 3D models from real-world objects. Applications include: medical analysis, education, reverse engineering, industrial design, quality control, entertainment & graphic arts, and cultural artifacts.


TrueCommerce, Inc. (Acquired by HighJump Software, Inc.)


TrueCommerce has everything you need to fully implement EDI from one source.  Since 1995, their mission has been to provide small to mid-tier companies with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is easy to implement, robust and affordable.  The TrueCommerce solution is used to exchange millions of EDI transactions annually within a variety of industries, ranging from banking, hardware, grocery, and mass merchandising, to healthcare and government. 
TrueCommerce was acquired by HighJump Software, Inc. 9/27/10.


Vivisimo, Inc. (Acquired by IBM)


Vivísimo, Inc. creates innovative software to access and cluster the world's information, for better search and discovery. Fortune 500 businesses, government agencies, academia, and millions of searchers use Vivísimo's clustering technology to better organize and navigate massive amounts of information. Vivísimo is the creator of the popular Clusty.com consumer search engine and serves enterprise customers through its search platform, Vivisimo Velocity, comprised of it clustering, search, and federated search technology.  IBM Completes Acquisition of Vivisimo May 29.2012.


Xactix, Inc. (Acquired by SPTS Technologies)


XACTIX, Inc. develops and produces equipment for manufacturing micro electromechanical systems (MEMS).  Manufacturing MEMS devices requires adding new manufacturing steps to the standard IC process. These new steps require new, specialized equipment to maximize yield and productivity. XACTIX leverages its unique combination of expertise in instrument and equipment design, semiconductor materials processing, micro machining and fabrication, and MEMS manufacturing to design and build leading-edge MEMS process equipment.

SPTS Acquires Xactix Inc. to Expand Etch Offering


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