Accipiter Systems, Inc.


Accipiter Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative data networking solutions.  We offer data networking products that deliver higher value to the customer through the use of disruptive technologies.  Accipiter Systems is providing differentiating data networking expertise to government agencies, DoD contractors and commercial companies.


Aethon, Inc. (acquired by ST Engineering)


Aethon is the leader in the business of low-cost, pilot-less hauling of materials indoors. We substitute a pilot-less Tug® for a person.  Our competitive advantage is our patented indoor positioning system, with a manufacturing cost a fraction of our competitors, which navigates with ±3" accuracy and allows us to automate indoor transport at one-fourth the cost of a person pushing a cart.


Alertek, LLC


Alertek has developed proprietary sensors and algorithms to monitor the conditions of the world's infrastructures.  The technology utilizes sensors and electronics that detect signals related to structure weakening.  Specific applications include monitoring mine roofs, highway bridges and tunnels.

Angler Labs

ANGLR is a proprietary fishing platform, enabled by connected sensors that seamlessly record key fishing events to provide anglers with information that drives smarter decisions on the water.  


Bansen Labs


Bansen Labs has created Xogo - a universal adapter that unlocks the world of technology for people with disabilities and provides opportunities for social, vocational, and recreational participation. It allows people with disabilities to use controls that work for them – like switches, joysticks, and more – to connect to the technologies everyone uses - like cable boxes, game consoles, and smart home devices.


Bossa Nova Robotics Inc.


Bossa Nova Robotics is a developer of Personal Robots: helpful robots that make an emotional connection with consumers. Founded by robotics expert Sarjoun Skaff, the company launched out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in 2005 with one simple goal: to bring robots out of the lab and into our lives.  Previously focused on interactive play experiences for children, the company is broadening its portfolio to encompass personal robotics for the home. Bossa Nova Robotics has R&D facilties in its home office in Pittsburgh, PA as well as executive offices in San Francisco, CA.


Bridge Semiconductor Corporation


Bridge Semiconductor develops and markets thermal imaging camera sensors (infrared focal plane arrays) and thermal imaging cameras based on those sensors. It is targeting high-volume commercial applications such as see-through-smoke systems for firefighters, driver vision enhancement for trucks, automobiles, and buses, and security and surveillance.


Diamond Kinetics


Diamond Kinetics provides real-time quantitative data, biomechanics feedback and training guidance for sports performance improvement using wireless inertial sensors and software applications.  Building on academically validated scientific research at the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, Diamond Kinetics is bringing a dynamic sensor driven technology platform to the mass market in baseball and softball.


Digital Dream Labs, LLC


Digital Dream Labs, LLC has developed dreamWare, a platform that bridges the gap between nostalgic, hands-on learning and engaging, digital technology.  Using dreamWare, children solve simple sequence puzzles in real life that are transmitted wirelessly to a tablet or other electronic device for continued interaction.  Children have fun playing our games while learning topics such as logic, sequencing, math and chemistry.


ForeFront Product Design, LLC


ForeFront Product Design, LLC developed Smart Pressure Technology™ which provides a technology breakthrough for products that use the power of compressed air in low pressure, portable applications. The initial product line, the Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems™,  is a commercial line of compressed air sprayers and was developed by a world class power management engineering team.  The Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems™ allows industry professionals to gain 25% labor efficiency and 15% material savings while spraying for pests, weeds, chemical spills and many other applications.


FreshTemp (Acquired by Digi International)


FreshTemp is commercializing wireless technology developed at the MIT Media Lab.  First products include cloud based temperature monitoring systems for restaurants, transportation companies and healthcare.  FreshTemp aims to prevent product loss and reduce spoilage. 


Hebi Robotics

Hebi Robotics is a Carnegie Mellon University spin off that makes robotics building blocks that expedites, lowers the cost,  and customizes the development of robotics solutions for automation and collaborative tasks.




HiberSense reduces building owners’ HVAC energy costs by 40% while improving occupant comfort through an easily-installed, room-by-room climate control system. HiberSense's Micro-Zone Climate Control™ solution includes a distributed network of intelligent sensors, proprietary software, and wireless dampers to learn and predict occupant patterns and preferences, automatically redirecting heating and cooling airflow. HiberSense is well-positioned with strong early customer traction in commercial office spaces, residential units and institutional buildings.


Iam Robotics

Iam Robotics makes autonomous robots that retrieve products from distribution centers. The company designs and integrates a complete robotic order fulfillment solution for enterprise warehouse customers. The affordable and flexible robots automate picking operations quickly, without significantly changing customer process or infrastructure.


Identified Technologies


Industrial leaders use Identified Technologies fully-managed commercial drone solution to improve project tracking and team productivity. Our integrated software and services take care of everything from FAA compliance and flight planning, to advanced analytics. You push the start button on the drone and we take care of the rest. We help companies in construction and earth moving reduce costs and win more business with job site data and analytics. We empower ENR 400 companies, including PJ Dick, EQT, Vulcan and Casella, with the ability to track progress on highways, well pads, mines and landfills in near real-time. Mapping 100 acres in 10 minutes dramatically increases team productivity. We provide 2D data, 3D volumetrics, orthomosaics, as built versus as planned comparisons, as well as progress and cost forecasting and change detection. Our mission is to provide a new level of transparency and insights for the most difficult project management challenges.


INTEG process group, inc.


INTEG process group, inc. serves the Industrial Automation/Plant Asset Management Industry by designing and manufacturing software/hardware solutions that monitor and control plant equipment for the P2E (Plant to Enterprise) domain.  INTEG's technology offers customers a more open, flexible and cost-effective solution to connect, monitor and manage uptime/failures in environments where manual monitoring is costly.  Monitoring is enabled via the network and provides plant managers, operating personnel and maintenance teams a real-time view of their environment.


Inteligistics, Inc.


Inteligistics is a provider of innovative cool chain and supply chain visibility solutions.  Leveraging Machine to Machine (M2M) low power, portable and wireless sensors and or passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, our InteliView solutions fully integrate cloud based communications gateways, patented portable readers and controllers.  Insightful and actionable information and alerts provided via a graphics dashboard and data analytics platform deliver high value improvements to cool chain and supply chain performance, productivity and quality.



The market for mapping of interior and exterior spaces and structures is a large and multi-billion dollar business but cost, duration, and quality are major issues. We have created best-in-class algorithms and a business to solve this problem; Kaarta provides accurate real-time 3D mapping and modeling using advanced sensors and algorithms. Our business revenues result from software as a service (SaaS), licensing, and hand-held systems for the architectural, engineering and construction markets. Our approach is platform independent and does not use GPS, maps, or infrastructure and is done in real-time without post-processing.


Liquid X Printed Metals, Inc.


Liquid X™ is a technology company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that manufactures functional metallic inks.  The company’s technology transforms various metals, including gold and silver, into ink form which is then deposited onto a wide range of substrates that can be rigid or flexible.  When heated at low temperatures, the ink converts to the base metal and exhibits comparable features.


Maven Machines, Inc.

Maven Machines is a Pittsburgh based start-up pioneering smart headsets for driver safety in the trucking industry. The Maven Co-Pilot headset constantly monitors drivers for signs of fatigue & distraction, in addition to functioning as a high quality hands-free communication device.  Maven's patent pending wearable is the first driver safety product capable of real-time fatigue detection and early warnings.


Metis Secure Solutions (acquired by The Mircom Group of Companies)


Industrial and research facilities, schools and universities, commercial sites and large public parking garages rely on Metis Secure to protect their people and sites and reduce liabilities. In an emergency, safety and security personnel use Metis Secure systems to rapidly alert everyone at the site, and provide specific emergency instructions. People in need use Metis Secure Emergency Help Stations to speak directly with security with the press of a button—and dispatchers automatically see the caller’s location on Metis Secure’s map-based Command Center software. Metis Secure’s redundant power and independent communications networks mean that the system works even when power, phone, and internet fail.


nanoLambda, Inc.


NanoLambda commercializes an advanced sensor technology.  The Spectrum SensorTM chip utilizes novel plasmonics technology to, for the first time, produce a nano scale spectrum analyzer on an integrated circuit at a fraction of the size and cost of current bench-top systems.  This patented technology enables mobile/wearable health monitors such as non-invasive hemoglobin/bilirubin/glucose monitors and mobile/wearable devices that can detect multiple toxic gases/hazardous materials for security and safety. High resolution color sensing for display and printer products is also one of the early potential applications.

NewCare Solutions, LLC.


NewCare Solutions, LLC. has developed the first truly consumer ready home monitoring solution for “at risk” individuals.  The system alerts the caregivers of changes in resident behavior that may indicate a problem in the home based upon caregiver logic and previous behavioral norms for the monitored individual.  NewCare’s unique solution allows an untrained caregiver, often a family member of the monitored resident, to install the entire monitoring system in minutes at a cost thousands of dollars less than currently available.


Optimus Technologies


Optimus Technologies manufactures EPA-approved biodiesel conversion systems for medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks. Optimus' engine technology enables fleets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over 75% and reduce fuel costs by 10%.


Ottomatika, Inc. (acquired by Delphi Automative)


Ottomatika is a CMU spinout that has built a fully functional and globally publicized fully autonomous Cadillac SUV. The Company intends to become the leading vendor of advanced driving assistance and human-in-the-loop autonomous driving features to the automotive supply chain in a rapidly expanding market. Ottomatika’s proprietary technology is developed by an experienced world-class team at a time of intense industry interest in advanced driving features. Ottomatika’s total addressable market measures in multiple billions of dollars.


PieceMaker Technologies


PieceMaker Technologies is a Pittsburgh, PA based company which empowers retail stores to create customized inventory, on-demand. CNBC named their customizable products “Top trending of 2014”. The Factory in a Store is a proprietary system which lets consumers design their own products using a simple and engaging touchscreen kiosk, and then watch them made right in the store with custom manufacturing technology.


Powercast Corporation


Founded in 2003 to develop the groundbreaking Wireless Power Platform concept, Powercast is a pioneer in wire-free power that enables manufacturers to overcome the limitations of conventional power solutions.  Powercast holds numerous wirefree power technology patents and patent applications.



Qlicket is an intelligent WiFi platform that enables businesses to form a dialogue with customers and gain greater real-time insights into their behavior through its patented hardware and software solution.  Today, when customers post online reviews for offline establishments, it’s after they’ve left — when it’s too late for an establishment to be able to do anything.  Qlicket makes it easy for establishments to capture feedback from guests when they are signing into the WiFi network.  The result is increased revenues, higher guest satisfaction, and improved customer retention.  Qlicket serves more than 100 establishments in hospitality, healthcare, and retail, and currently maintains 99% lifetime customer retention.

Rapid TPC


Rapid TPC manufactures and delivers high quality thermoplastic composite parts to a wide range of industries and markets, from construction and transportation to athletics and baby products.  The lightweight performance materials used by rapid TPC are capable of displacing heavy materials like aluminum or steel at a lower price point than traditional composites.  Using proprietary turnkey automation equipment, Rapid TPC significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing composite parts at high volumes as compared to other existing methods today.




RE2, Inc. is a leading developer of Intelligent Modular Manipulation Systems. RE2’s goal is to advance the state of the art of mobile manipulation and develop technologies that benefit robot users in the defense, public safety, and other markets. RE2 is developing mobile manipulation systems that are stronger, more dexterous, more versatile, more intuitive, smarter, and more affordable. RE2's development efforts are focused on creating interoperable manipulation systems, intuitive human robot interfaces, and advanced autonomy software for mobile robotics.


RedZone Robotics, Inc.


RedZone Robotics is setting a new industry standard in trenchless technology and field service automation by delivering innovative, automated solutions that provide a more powerful, and more cost-effective method of sewer inspection and pipe rehabilitation. RedZone’s patent-pending trenchless technology is the first commercial application of sensor-fusion technologies that utilize multiple sensor inputs to enact action, leveraging our robotics and engineering expertise as well as our relentless focus on our customers’ challenges and needs. RedZone’s robotic offerings significantly outperform existing products, tools and technologies due to their modular approach, simpler operation, faster execution and continuous operation.


Romeo Delivers


Romeo Delivers Inc. designs, manufactures and sells products through e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailers and partner websites.



Rorus Inc. is making inexpensive point-of-use filters that purify water using new nanotechnology. Our first product, the Filter Pack, is a water filtering backpack that’s cheaper and more efficient to deploy for disasters and developing countries. It's simplest and fastest filter available, and it provides a year's worth of water for a family of 6 people.


SEEGRID Corporation


Seegrid industrial mobile robots automate everyday material handling tasks in warehouses and distribution centers, allowing customers to refocus their highly skilled employees to value-added work for greater cost savings and productivity.  Seegrid robots use no lasers, tape or wires and feature WalkThroughThenWork™ set up--One walk through a facility and the robots are ready to work in minutes.




SenSevere has developed and is commercializing a hydrogen sensor for chemically and thermally severe environments that provides real-time safety and compliance monitoring solutions in the power generation, environmental, and chemicals manufacturing industries.

SolePower, LLC


SolePower creates self-charging wearables that capture wasted energy from human motion. Electronics can be powered solely by footsteps—creating “unplugged” technology that doesn’t need to be charged. 

SolePower smart work boots (“SmartBoots”) collect motion and location data, providing industrial workforces with actionable insights to increase efficiency and reduce accidents. Embedded in the boot is a patented kinetic charger that generates power with every step. The system gathers and provides insights and data to improve worker safety by visualizing location and motion of workers on hazardous sites.


Thorley Industries LLC / 4moms


Thorley Industries has introduced robotics technology to the juvenile industry with it's innovative 4moms products designed to meet parents' real needs.  Products include: The mamaRoo® infant seat designed to move the way parents do; The origami® stroller, the world's first power-folding stroller; The breeze™ playard that opens or closes in one easy step, and The cleanwater collection™ infant tub and faucet cover with built-in digital thermometers. 

For more information, visit www.4moms.com

Titan Robotics, Inc.


Titan Robotics, Inc. (Titan) is a robotics solution provider disrupting how aerospace OEMs and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers approach the processes of aircraft finishing, inspection, and manufacturing. The technology, developed with USAF funding at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), is designed to be a mobile robotic platform for general application and extends the autonomy paradigm of modeling, inspecting, and processing 3D surfaces with intelligent process control and dynamic online planning.  The technology has been recognized with a 2013 Gold Edison Award and the 2014 DoD Maintenance Symposium Great-Idea Award.


VIT Initiative


VIT is creating the Fitbit for the back to keep our workforce safer! Workplace overexertion and strains are some of the biggest reasons for workplace injuries and back injuries alone costs the US $70B a year according to OSHA. We are working with nation-wide companies and one of the largest worker comp insurers in the nation to increase safety and reduce costs.


Voci Technologies Incorporated


Voci™ pioneered the implementation of Speech-to-Text (STT) algorithms in hardware to achieve the fastest and most comprehensive speech recognition solution. Voci’s experience in accelerated speech recognition spans nearly a decade starting with research done at world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University. The company has enhanced and extended the original research concepts to address enterprise demands for voice of the customer business intelligence.  Collaboration with experts at Carnegie Mellon ensures that Voci continues to provice the best STT solution for business intelligence.


Wise Telemetry, LLC (formerly Breathwise)


With the Wise Telemetry gas sensor system, gas distributors can monitor real-time supply and usage data at each of their customers’ sites.  The system automatically determines and continuously communicates a gas cylinder’s size, fill level, and usage rate without any user input or special programming.  This data improves delivery route planning, usage tracking, and future demand prediction.


Innovation Works values diversity in its programs and encourages women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to submit applications or business plans for consideration.

Innovation Works is the Ben Franklin Technology Partner of Southwestern PA and is supported by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

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