Aethon, Inc. (acquired by ST Engineering)


Aethon is the leader in the business of low-cost, pilot-less hauling of materials indoors. We substitute a pilot-less Tug® for a person.  Our competitive advantage is our patented indoor positioning system, with a manufacturing cost a fraction of our competitors, which navigates with ±3" accuracy and allows us to automate indoor transport at one-fourth the cost of a person pushing a cart.

American Roadprinting, LLC


American Roadprinting has developed a robotic solution to enable a new form of outdoor advertising.  The product, Chalkjet, accepts personalized and advertising messages over the web and prints the messages on roadways/surfaces using proprietary inks.

Bossa Nova Robotics Inc.


Bossa Nova Robotics is a developer of Personal Robots: helpful robots that make an emotional connection with consumers. Founded by robotics expert Sarjoun Skaff, the company launched out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in 2005 with one simple goal: to bring robots out of the lab and into our lives.  Previously focused on interactive play experiences for children, the company is broadening its portfolio to encompass personal robotics for the home. Bossa Nova Robotics has R&D facilties in its home office in Pittsburgh, PA as well as executive offices in San Francisco, CA.

CapSen Robotics


CapSen Robotics achieves state-of-the-art results on one of the most pressing problems in robotics and 3D computer vision---correctly identifying and locating specific objects in clutter. This breakthrough makes it possible to provide a general computer vision solution for manufacturing applications such as bin picking as well as warehouse automation tasks such as order fulfillment or inventory management. There long-term goal is to provide a universal 3D computer vision system that enables the robots of the future to see and understand the physical world.

Hebi Robotics

Hebi Robotics is a Carnegie Mellon University spin off that makes robotics building blocks that expedites, lowers the cost,  and customizes the development of robotics solutions for automation and collaborative tasks.

Iam Robotics

Iam Robotics makes autonomous robots that retrieve products from distribution centers. The company designs and integrates a complete robotic order fulfillment solution for enterprise warehouse customers. The affordable and flexible robots automate picking operations quickly, without significantly changing customer process or infrastructure.

Identified Technologies


Industrial leaders use Identified Technologies fully-managed commercial drone solution to improve project tracking and team productivity. Our integrated software and services take care of everything from FAA compliance and flight planning, to advanced analytics. You push the start button on the drone and we take care of the rest. We help companies in construction and earth moving reduce costs and win more business with job site data and analytics. We empower ENR 400 companies, including PJ Dick, EQT, Vulcan and Casella, with the ability to track progress on highways, well pads, mines and landfills in near real-time. Mapping 100 acres in 10 minutes dramatically increases team productivity. We provide 2D data, 3D volumetrics, orthomosaics, as built versus as planned comparisons, as well as progress and cost forecasting and change detection. Our mission is to provide a new level of transparency and insights for the most difficult project management challenges.

Ottomatika, Inc. (acquired by Delphi Automative)


Ottomatika is a CMU spinout that has built a fully functional and globally publicized fully autonomous Cadillac SUV. The Company intends to become the leading vendor of advanced driving assistance and human-in-the-loop autonomous driving features to the automotive supply chain in a rapidly expanding market. Ottomatika’s proprietary technology is developed by an experienced world-class team at a time of intense industry interest in advanced driving features. Ottomatika’s total addressable market measures in multiple billions of dollars.



RE2, Inc. is a leading developer of Intelligent Modular Manipulation Systems. RE2’s goal is to advance the state of the art of mobile manipulation and develop technologies that benefit robot users in the defense, public safety, and other markets. RE2 is developing mobile manipulation systems that are stronger, more dexterous, more versatile, more intuitive, smarter, and more affordable. RE2's development efforts are focused on creating interoperable manipulation systems, intuitive human robot interfaces, and advanced autonomy software for mobile robotics.

RedZone Robotics, Inc.


RedZone Robotics is setting a new industry standard in trenchless technology and field service automation by delivering innovative, automated solutions that provide a more powerful, and more cost-effective method of sewer inspection and pipe rehabilitation. RedZone’s patent-pending trenchless technology is the first commercial application of sensor-fusion technologies that utilize multiple sensor inputs to enact action, leveraging our robotics and engineering expertise as well as our relentless focus on our customers’ challenges and needs. RedZone’s robotic offerings significantly outperform existing products, tools and technologies due to their modular approach, simpler operation, faster execution and continuous operation.

SEEGRID Corporation


Seegrid industrial mobile robots automate everyday material handling tasks in warehouses and distribution centers, allowing customers to refocus their highly skilled employees to value-added work for greater cost savings and productivity.  Seegrid robots use no lasers, tape or wires and feature WalkThroughThenWork™ set up--One walk through a facility and the robots are ready to work in minutes.

Titan Robotics, Inc.


Titan Robotics, Inc. (Titan) is a robotics solution provider disrupting how aerospace OEMs and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers approach the processes of aircraft finishing, inspection, and manufacturing. The technology, developed with USAF funding at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), is designed to be a mobile robotic platform for general application and extends the autonomy paradigm of modeling, inspecting, and processing 3D surfaces with intelligent process control and dynamic online planning.  The technology has been recognized with a 2013 Gold Edison Award and the 2014 DoD Maintenance Symposium Great-Idea Award.

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