From mentorship to business assistance, Innovation Works’ comprehensive programs can help companies that are at the seed stage to those seeking angel investors

Accelerating Growth

IW's programs accelerate growth in Southwestern PA by infusing business expertise and funding into early-stage technology companies and those pursuing the next competitive edge. As one of the most active seed-stage investors in the U.S., our knowledge of the needs of startups—from risk capital to business expertise—enables us to guide hundreds of entrepreneurs every year on the right path to commercialization.

We also help researchers commercialize ideas that could change the world and small manufacturers as they look to open new markets by adapting new technologies into their products and processes.

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Southwestern PA is uniquely positioned to take a leading role in the development, storage and transmission of clean energy technologies. With IW's expertise in technology commercialization, IW helps the region play a leading role in energy technology development and commercialization.

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IW works in partnership with world-renowned universities in the Pittsburgh region to identify and cultivate research ideas that have viable markets, and provide grants to help speed commercialization through early-stage companies or third-party licensing.

Innovation Works makes direct investments into southwest Pennsylvania’s promising, early-stage technology companies that are focused on high-opportunity markets.

To start the process to see if you’re a good candidate for IW seed funding, contact us.

At Innovation Works, our team is made up of former CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors. Our combined experience has helped thousands of seed-stage companies grow and expand their business, while helping them recognize their most pressing business needs.

For more information on receiving assistance from IW, contact us.

The AlphaLab accelerator programs are designed to help startup technology companies accelerate their progress through early stages of customer discovery and product development through a rapid, iterative “lean” approach. Started in 2008 and recently ranked the #6 accelerator in the US, AlphaLab provides critical resources to help startups launch successfully – including funding, mentorship, an extended alumni network, free office space, and the collective expertise of the Innovation Works team.

AlphaLab Gear was launched in 2013 as the hardware accelerator program based on the AlphaLab model to provide additional resources and expertise in areas specific to physical product companies including product design, manufacturing, supply chain and retail distribution. AlphaLab Gear companies also benefit from being part of the extended AlphaLab network, leveraging the alumni and mentor networks, software/Internet expertise built over prior AlphaLab program cycles.

IW provides small manufacturers with funds and connections to the region’s Centers of Excellence to help develop new products, processes and gain a competitive advantage. With programs through the Agile Innovation in Manufacturing Initiative, IW has partnered with Catalyst Connection, New Century Careers, NCDMM and the Workforce Investment Board to grow our region’s manufacturing advancement.

IW works with the region’s early-stage businesses to accelerate and de-risk the commercialization of new product technologies. Through a competitive process, focused mentorship and monetary assistance is possible in the areas of advanced electronics, robotics, life sceinces, advanced materials and information technology. For more information or to see if your early-stage company could benefit from the program, click here.

Securing the right team at the right time on a company's growth continuum can mean the difference between success and failure for an early-stage technology company. In the midst of developing a breakthrough product, devising a business plan and trying to secure funding, entrepreneurs often don't have the time or expertise to focus on a strategic HR plan. IW combines its knowledge of the unique needs of start-up companies with resident HR expertise to help entrepreneurs develop and execute HR strategies to drive growth and success. To contact us for help with your HR needs, click here.

Through our ongoing relationships with area universities, IW identifies high-caliber MBA and undergraduate students who show high potential in business, engineering and other in-demand fields, for placement as interns in regional technology start-ups and innovative manufacturing companies. To share an internship need, click here.

 The TCI Application is closed.  Check back in early 2018.

Innovation Works values diversity in its programs and encourages women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to submit applications or business plans for consideration.

Innovation Works is the Ben Franklin Technology Partner of Southwestern PA and is supported by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

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