Innovation Works

Diversity & Inclusion Intern Program

  • Must be a company that has received investment from Innovation Works

  • Supports the hiring of an intern who has one or more of the following affiliations:

    • minority candidate participating in NSBE, SHPE, or other student club that focuses on diversity in business/tech/engineering

    • veteran candidates

    • candidates with disabilities

    • candidates who identify as women

    • candidates who identify as LGBTQIA

  • Innovation Works pays 50% (up to maximum of $2,500) of intern’s salary, for work performed in 2020 based on a 1:1 match from the employer company (minimum $5,000 gross compensation to receive $2,500 intern reimbursement)

Yay, I’m eligible! How do I participate in the IW Intern programs?

  1. Fill out the application for the D/I intern program:

    1. Company Application 

    2. Intern Application

  2. You will be notified if your application is accepted; additional information regarding scope of work for the intern will be requested

  3. Execute Intern Program Agreement, which includes the terms and conditions of the program.

  4. Hire an intern; we can assist in recruiting candidates or you may identify your own

  5. Submit pay stubs demonstrating intern’s gross compensation and pay period

  6. Invoice IW up to three times, as appropriate (July, October and January)

  7. IW cuts you a check!