Innovation Works

2022 Programs

Innovation Works partners with our IW Portfolio companies and manufacturing partners to get you paid for on-the-job experience. IW offers two internship programs: Diversity & Inclusion Intern Program and Manufacturing Intern Program. 

Please remember to complete the intern application prior to submitting your resume to the employer.


Diversity & Inclusion Intern Program Opportunties:

Project Management / Business Analyst Intern – Civic Champs

Marketing and Sales Intern – AdSkate, Inc.

Sales Support Intern – ARIN Technologies, Inc.

Software Development Intern – ARIN Technologies, Inc.

Accounting Intern – PittMoss

Marketing/Advertising Intern – PittMoss

Sales Associate Intern – PittMoss

Marketing Associate Intern – Lumis Corp

Computer Vision Developer Intern – SwifTAG Systems

Marketing Intern – ThoroughCare

Manufacturing Engineering – Edge AI

Mechanical Engineering  – Edge AI

Meet some of the IW Portfolio Companies offering internships


Manufacturing Intern Program Opportunities:

Coming soon!