Innovation Works

Hiring is hard, but hiring for startups can be even harder.

One wrong decision could potentially make or break your startup, but limited resources can make it harder to convince top talent to come and work for you.

So how do you proactively create a great working environment and a great team? At Innovation Works, we partner with our startups and portfolio companies to help them build a winning team. Our HR Director will work by your side to facilitate and develop effective human resource strategies that put you in a position to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

Common Application

Our companies are always looking for talent. If you’re interested in adding your resume to our searchable resume database, which is available to all AlphaLab Gear and AlphaLab alumni companies, please click here.

If you have a question about talent, HR, or recruitment please reach out to our Director of HR & Inclusion, Kelley Benson,

How We Do It

A culture built around your mission, vision & values

When you’re first starting off, one of the main reasons people want to work for you will be the culture you create. A new brand with possible growth opportunities can be exciting for top talent. Building a culture that mirrors your mission, vision and values will help you attract a winning team.

Becoming a great place to work

Research has found that having an open, safe and welcoming work environment is one of the best ways to attract and recruit new talent. We’ll help you create an environment that feels friendly, supportive and caring to keep word of mouth spreading and add value to your brand.

Hold onto existing talent

When you have great talent, it becomes easier to attract even more prime talent. They are interested in constant growth, learning and opportunity. We’ll help you create an environment where learning and celebrating each other’s successes become a mainstay.

Stimulating challenges

Top level recruits don’t want to waste their time working on boring projects. They crave new challenges. We’ll help you create a company structure that gives your team big, stimulating and ambitious goals so that they rise to the challenge and have you to thank for it.

Job Opportunities

Our Talent search is powered by Innovation Works portfolio company, JazzHR. Jazz has raised the bar in the recruiting industry with their leading-edge innovations that help companies recruit better candidates, get more organized and make great hires.

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