Innovation Works

Innovation Works is committed to inclusion in all our programs, events, practices, investments, and partnerships. Our staff knows that inclusive teams make innovation possible. We set an example with a diverse board and team that comes from different backgrounds, experiences, and has a wide base of contacts so that we may bring fresh ideas, connections, and creativity to everything we do.

Providing the resources you need.

Early-Stage Investment

We invest early across all stages ranging from accelerator/pre-seed through seed and venture stage investments. Since 1999, we have invested  in 731+ companies across these stages, resulting in 77 exits and $3.3B+ in follow-on investment. Innovation Works has been recognized as the most active early-stage investor in Pennsylvania.


Entrepreneurs connected into a supportive community have a much better chance at succeeding. Our innovation network is a community of over 370 industry, service and academic partners working together to provide you with the resources you need to solve problems faster on the way to your big breakthrough.


Our team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors are dedicated to helping our companies align their plans to market realities. Through 1:1 meetings, group sessions, and online tools, we provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, inspiration, and guidance they need to move forward.

Future Funding

Companies often require multiple rounds of funding to grow and achieve their goals. At Innovation Works not only do we have the ability to participate in follow on rounds. We also leverage our investor networks to help you find the capital you need for growth stage rounds.