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The Create program pairs industry leaders with leading technologists and entrepreneurs to create new products and businesses

Creating New Business

We match industry leaders from promising sectors with top robotics technologists and entrepreneurs to develop solutions that directly address each industry’s specific needs. This collaborative process consistently yields businesses and products with a clear product-market fit from the start.

Building Strong Partnerships

In collaboration with the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, we host biannual summits, each targeting a different sector such as aviation, agriculture, and construction, among others.

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The Accelerate Program invests in early-stage robotics startups based in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We will be accepting applications for our second cohort between January 15th-February 29th, 2024.

How We Help

In the first half of our program, we lay the groundwork to achieve your goals. The Robotics Factory Accelerate Program is a six-month robotics-focused startup accelerator, offering companies up to $100,000 and customized business programming, for just 2% equity.

Program Features

  • 1:1 Mentorship with seasoned startup leaders via the Pittsburgh Robotics Network

  • 12 months of office space at the Robotics Factory in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh with access to an expansive prototyping workshop and robotics testing shop

  • Product development resources including manufacturing boo camp, product design reviews, and manufacturing toolkit templates, one-on-one manufacturing office hours

  • 1:1 Business coaching with the Innovation Works program team to help you achieve your specific milestones, with little/no “mandatory” programming

The Robotics Factory, an array of robotics programs led by Innovation Works and the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, is a part of the $63 million Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant awarded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to the Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative. The Robotics Factory will create, accelerate and scale robotics startups in the Pittsburgh region.

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The Scale Program empowers entrepreneurs and manufacturers alike by providing hands-on support, unlocking access to cutting-edge tools, grant funding, rapid prototyping, and educational resources.

The Scale Residency Program:

  • Advanced prototyping equipment, tooling, and materials including water jets, laser cutters, CNC Machines, and 3D printers
  • RF-Scale Staff for training and prototyping support
  • Robots, space, and sensors necessary for prototyping and testing concepts
  • Flexible desk and assembly space
  • A Vibrant community of startups, mentors, corporates, and manufacturers
  • Conference rooms, kitchens, wifi, coffee
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