Innovation Works

AlphaLab is Innovation Works’ nationally ranked accelerator, focused on helping software-based companies demonstrate product-market validation to gain the traction needed for additional customer growth and potential investment. 

As one of the first accelerators in the US, AlphaLab has a track record of helping companies launch and grow to exits and unicorn-level growth with companies including The Zebra and Trialspark.

We know that every company is unique and we create a custom experience through our program starting with our always open application cycle, emphasis on 1:1 interactions and modular, flexible approach to helping you with key priorities such as product, go-to-market, funding. Our follow-on seed fund allows us to invest post-program in companies demonstrating strong customer validation and traction.

Our philosophy for building a company is simple – engage with customers early, build a great product that solves a big problem and iterate quickly to achieve product-market fit. Throughout and after the program, AlphaLab provides:

  • $50K in funding and the opportunity to raise money from the Innovation Works seed fund post-program
  • 1:1 interactions with us and the extended Innovation Works team
  • Additional connections to our network of mentors, investors, and industry leaders as well as access to GAN perks.
  • Community with our robust network of alumni through various interactions
  • Workshops and talks with real-world, actionable advice from our network of alumni, mentors and investors
  • Office space in a collaborative work environment filled with snacks and drinks to fuel your business

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